Cinnamon Sticks 6 cm from Madagascar

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Cinnamon has a sweetish, very aromatic, and refined flavor. In sticks, cinnamon has rich and deep aromas that develop particularly well during slow cooking or brewing. You can also break small pieces of your stick to flavor your soup.


The cinnamon tree, grown in the tropics is an evergreen tree that can reach 10 meters in height. The red brown dried bark is used. Cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices.

With its sweet and warm aroma, the cinnamon stick is mostly used in the preparation of sweet dishes. Also known as cinnamon bark, cinnamon is most common in oriental and Indian cuisine. Cinnamon can be used in sweet or savory dishes: compotes, mulled wine, soups, meats (lamb) stuffings, pastries, donuts, syrups, creams, cakes, brioches, in the preparation of chocolates and liqueurs, but also in Indian cuisine. It is perfect in combination with apple. Some pastry chefs use this spice in the preparation of their mellow and other sweet delights.


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